Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Little by little

Two of the 47uF 400v electrolytics fitted inside the old TCC tripple can. The empty space of the can has been packed with foam, and a bitumen disk (cut from roofing underlay) used to seal the can, with the wires poking through. The first connection, the ground, has been made, but in order to get at it I had to replace the first of the 2uF electrolytics a bit earlier than planned. This took a bit of planning as the original axial part was much much bigger than the replacement 2u2 250v radial, so some extra wire and sleeving was needed. The first of the Hunts mouldseal 0.003uF has also been replaced with a new 3n3 400v polyester.

It looks like one of the waxies will need to be next, as its in the way of the wiring for the big caps.

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