Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mobile HF

Yesterday (Sunday) Bob M1BBV came over to the G7MRV QTH to avail himself of my assistance with adjusting his mobile HF antennas. Much fun and hilarity ensued, especially in our efforts to get multiple 'buddipole' type antennas matched in a dipole arrangement atop a fibreglass pole!

It turns out Bob has a problem with the internal grounding on his FT-100D, a well known issue that was dealt with on many sets under warrenty. But its not a difficult fix, so i'll sort that for him when he's next able to come over.

As a result of all this though, I myself am now back on HF mobile. At present im using a magmount, so only my short 20m antenna is safe to use whilst actually moving. But I have replacement 3/8th mounts on order, so will hopefully get the proper roof mount fixed soon.

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