Saturday, 4 February 2017

In The Shack

A bit of spring cleaning in the shack today, I can now actually see the desk!

It does help that the Theremin is now complete and gone to its owner, and the U3S is complete in its case. This meant I could move it to its final home in the shack on the shelf, wire it up for the shacks main 12v rail, and run a coax patch lead from it to the antenna switch. It has the Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 transceiver on top of it (no cooling issues!),a nd the QLG1 GPS is sat on top of that.

Ive even finally got around to fixing the shacks LED desk lighting!

The rear of the desk is still a rats nest of cables though. I could do with getting another antenna switch - ideally a three or four port one!

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