Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Alpha/Spectrum 4160C LED Message Board - Need Firmware!

The title says it all really!

I have a Spectrum/Alpha-American 4160C LED message board. I wish to get this running for use by the Lions, but it has a custom Mitel firmware EPROM in it! To get it working I need the standard firmware that will allow RS485/RS232 programming. Sadly, Alpha want well over £100 for the EPROM!

I have emailed them back, trying to appeal to their sense of charity, if not to provide the firmware, then at least the schematics! That way, I can find a way to directly drive the display using say an R-Pi or an Arduino or the like as the driver controller.

If anyone reading this blog has, or knows where there is, a 4160C LED message board, from which they can extract the EPROM, read it, and send me the hex file, I would be incredibly grateful!

Im putting this request out everywhere I can think of! I have also started to 'reverse engineer' the display, and already have some idea how the individual panels are addressed and the serial data decoded to the LEDs. Its all done with shift registers and darlington sink drivers.

I would be much further along, butit wasnt until after i'd spent some time puzzling why one chip seemed to not connect to anything else - that I found the wire had snapped to one of my test probes!

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