Saturday, 13 August 2016

Some More Clansman kit, With great thanks to Mick!

Once thing ive found in amateur radio, and with those of us who love Green Kit or QRP, is that whilst there are a few miserable sods out there (I wont mention names but im sure most people into Clansman could guess at at least one seller...) the vast majority of those ive met are friendly, helpful and generous. The sellers I listed come into this category, as do the members of the G-QRP club,

And now, I an pleased to add Mick, a follower of this blog, to this list!

As a result of Micks generosity, I have now been able to add a thigh strap morse key, the Single Transducer Headset, and the rare (at least ive not seen them often) Boom Mic Single Earpiece Headset, to my collection.

This came about from a request for a metal cased 1Ahr 24v battery to convert. Mick was able to let me have a dead one of these, and also a metal cased PRC-350 15v battery to recell or convert. Another Bergan also came my way, which will be great for taking the 352 up the hills for SOTA, but also gives me a chance to start working on a frame to carry a modern amateur rig and ATU.

So many thanks Mick! It was great to meet you yesterday and chat about all things Green

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mick said...

Hi martin,
it was an absolute pleasure to chat green radios
with you, and being a keen hillwalker and wild camper
i have started reading your walking blog aswell.
best regards