Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Charging PRC-349 batteries - Jig Needed

One thing ive found so far with these PRC-349 battery packs, is that its not easy to get crocodile clips to stay attached to the terminals! And with several dozens of them to charge and test, I need a better way to connect the charger.

What I need is a jig!  Luckily, these batterys have a bolt that runs through the middle of them to secure them into the radio, si im thinking a piece of plywood, with a hole and a nut embedded for the securing bolt. A few bits of wooden moulding to form a frame, and something for the contacts. I do have a bag of 'upholstery nails' which will probably do for that. These are brass dome head nails, so hopefully a pair of those in the plywood, and then the charger connected to the pointy end!

I also still need to work out a sensible charging/discharging regime for these that will condition them within a sensible timeframe each, but also keep up a decent capacity.


mick said...

i am lucky in this respect i have the correct six bay
charge plate that connects to the dccu
best regards

mick said...

Hi ,
just thought i would let you know, on ebay at the moment
a seller called radio_mental is offering nos 24v plastic
cased exe reserve stock clansman batteries
at 2 for £25.00+£10.00 pnp mine arived this morning
boxed and factory seald 2007 maufacture date,
i posted this on the prc 320 group and quite a few have
bought some and have given them the thumbs up
best regards

Zak The Rabbit said...

Yes Im aware of the supply of NOS batteries (im also on the yahoo and FB groups), I dont have the money for them at present, but anyway my two NiCds and my LiPo are enough and doing decent service for me.

I'd quite like an old metal 4Ah to strip out at some point with the intention of building a 24v SMPSU and IEC mains connector into it to make a self contained mains supply.

Ive seen the battery plates, which seem quite readily available, however at this stage most of the packs im dealing with require a bit more care and monitoring to see if they can be recovered. I'll need to see if I can sell a few on soon, as I could do with a few quid, and the space!