Monday, 8 August 2016

Getting a bit further with the PRC-349 batteries!

Finally today ive finished giving my 300 odd PRC-349 batteries their initial terminal voltage check to sort the dead from the living, whether healthy or sick.

The dead battery packs
Out of around 300 batteries, about 70 show a decent terminal voltage, with a further 50-60 or so showing between a couple of volts and around 9V, so possibly recoverable. Four proved to be good Lithium primary packs, and one a usable dry cell cassette.

Left - possibly recoverable, right - reasonably good
Before being consigned for recycling, the dead packs are being checked for any decent, or at least usable, terminals, which im removing for replacing bad terminals on otherwise good packs. Likewise seals and decent metal shaft thumb nuts are being saved.

Recovered terminals
I will also save three or four dead batteries that have exceptionally good cases, for building eliminators.

Once all this is complete, I will select a few packs to keep for my PRC-349s, and the rest I will sell on at a price just enough to break even.

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