Thursday, 7 August 2014

WSPR - A fantastic mode, so long as someone uses it!

Yesterday, I set up the main station to beacon in WSPR mode on 10m. This was sometime just after lunch.

Around 21:30, I retasked the system to 40m. Not one, single, solitary spot on 10m! Neither hearing nor heard. It seems there were less than a bakers dozen of us on 10m on the entire planet! This is simply rediculous. There were nearly 200 stations on 20m, a band whos characteristics mean it really doesnt need any propagation investigations. This is just people who want to do something without actually having any real involvement in it.

On tasking the system to 40m, as soon as I came out of idle the system went into transmit, and was immediately received in Tasmania!

Today, shortly after 15:00, I started beaconing, 10% Tx/Rx cycle, at 2W on 6m, beaming SE. I dont hold out much hope, as theres fewer than ten stations around the world on 6m today! And, although I dont know whether to believe it or not, the WSPRnet site says most of them are running 0%, i.e. Receive only!

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