Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Perseids Meteor Shower Peak Soon - Lets Try JT6M!

Something ive thought about doing but never tried before, is Meteor Scatter. This, just like EME and the various QRP HF modes, is something that with the advent of fast computers, and particularly with Joe Taylor K1JT writing amazing software and developing amazing weak signal modes, is now within the grasp of even the smallest station.

The Perseids meteor shower is due to peak over the next couple of days, with average ZHRs of about 20-30, but with the severe disadvantage for visual observing that theres a full moon, which will wash out all but the brightest bolides. But the full moon doesnt affect VHF!

So, whilst Whispy gently toasts its PA transistor running all night on 10m, Ive downloaded Joe Taylors WSJT software suite, and am listening on 6m for JT6M meteor pings

Although not shown in the screenshot, I have picked up a few pings, along with a horrid pulsing noise which seems to come from the computers mouse, and annoyingly covers around 40kHz of the 6m band, centered right on top of the MS window!

Another thing of course with meteor scatter, is that it will work in daylight, something that is very rare for visual observation of meteors!

I dont yet fully understand the system, or procedures, so will need to see a good few received pings first before I decide to try for a QSO.

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