Thursday, 21 August 2014

Getting Nowhere - Time to Divide and Conquer

No matter what I try recently, Wispy will not work on receive for me. I seem not to have enough LO drive, but the buffer amp i've tried doesn't work! Likewise, I cant seem to get anywhere with the receiver aspect of 'TennaLady'.

It doesnt help that there could be issues with my test equipment again, not easy to prove one way or the other!

Ive also been playing with what should have been a simple 'battery low' indicator using a PNP transistor and zener diode, but even this wouldnt work! I do at least know now why this was the case, and have an appreciation of how such a simple circuit isnt necessarily the best solution.

One thing I have built successfully though, although it doesnt work quite how i'd like for its actual intended purpose, is a FET Electroscope. This amazingly simple device simply detects static fields, and indeed does it very well.

Its intended purpose is as a 'twat-ometer' - An approaching person is detected and the level of meter deflection shows just how much of a twat they are! Its supposed to be a simple joke device for workplace amusement. I won't include the circuit diagram here, as they are all over the 'net, and its such a simple circuit.

So, with regards to the 10m receivers, I intend to build an audio stage next as a stand-alone module, which can be tested on its own. That will then be used with the other circuits to test them out.

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