Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Brrrr Its bloody cold

Having had a sick little monster to look after today, ive not ventured out of the house, other than to check Milly the rabbits water and go to the recycling bins.

I had planned on going for a woodland walk with the camera, plus a little shopping, this morning, followed by an hour or two out with the detector in the afternoon. Instead, my car has now sat for 26h covered in ice, and will remain sat that way until 07:00 tomorrow - at which time, I will attempt to get it started for the quarter mile drive to the garage, where it is booked in to have the starter motor replaced! The failing starter is most unreliable when cold....

Im also mildy annoyed. I have, or rather had,  a couple of items on order from 7dayshop. I was hoping these would arrive tomorrow as they are part of a christmas gift. I discovered today that, without any word, they had cancelled and refunded my order! Apparently the items were out of stock - not according to the website when ordered!

A word to suppliers -
1) make sure your stock control algorithm works and update your webpages!
2) if you have to cancel someones order, at least put a note on saying why!

As it happens, I found a suitable alternative, despite not being offered one, and ended up re-ordering from 7dayshop, since they are still the cheapest, reliable supplier I know. I did also manage to find a voucher code, so got a couple % off, meaning I only had to spend an extra 70p or so.

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