Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Theremin build - casing

After a lot of searching, the correct case for the EPE Theremin was located, in Australia! Thanks to Terry VK5TM, this was shipped at not inconsiderable cost over to me here in the UK. So, you can imagine im rather nervous about actually working the box!

But, clearly a brand new box is no use without the necessary holes drilled into it! By far the hardest part of this has been mounting the Volume Antenna plate. This required not just the holes for the bolts, but a considerable depth of side wall material filing away. Although the plate is 1mm thick, this cut-out needed to be rather more, due to the small but significant bend radius. It was also necessary to remove the lip from the lid as well, which was done by shaving it away with a sharp blade.

The photo below shows the Volume Antenna plate and the Pitch Antenna fitted. For the pitch antenna, as well as the bolt hole, a semicircular cutout needed to be filed out of the lid.

And here it is with the lid fitted,along with three of the four external controls/connectors. 

The power connector is a 3.5mm Mono jack, in lieu of a DC Barrel connector. The Phono socket is the Line Out connection. The switch is, of course, on/off. Missing from this photo is the volume control pot which will mount in the left hand side hole.

Whats left to do now is wire these up to the PCB, and secure the PCB to the stand-off pillars it rests on. I can then test and align it as needed.

I am unsure yet whether to drill the holes in the lid for the sound and mount the loudspeaker, or whether to leave that for its owner to complete!

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