Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Clansman Arduino Code - Starting to feel a bit lost

Since I last posted about this project, the Arduino forum user who has been providing me with assistance with the code has advanced the software to beyond just reading the frequency selection switches, to beginning to form the code that will correct the readings and send back an actual frequency reading.

But this now puts me in a bit of a fix - Im rapidly getting out of my depth! My problem is that although I can code very simple programs, put words on an LCD, flash LEDs etc, and can to a point understand what a program is doing and roughly how, much of the actual code needed, and indeed the maths, is very likely beyond me.

I think the time is nearly upon me when I need to find someone with whom to split the task - me doing the hardware, specifying the requirements of the code, testing it on a real radio, and of course taking the risks regarding electrical failures and circuit damage; and the other person writing the code as needed, with the added safety of doing so in a simulated, breadboard environment.

Ive now tested all the DS18B20s received today and they are all working. Ive also just added the MOSFET driver to the Dewheater project, and based on its onboard 'signal' LED, which changes brightness depending what percentage of heater on time the system is demanding. This is exactly what I would expect of an LED being fed a PWM signal, so all looks good.

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