Sunday, 24 July 2016

Lots of new readers?

Ive noticed in the last few days, seemingly since I started the Clansman articles, that my daily readership stats have rocketed! Now, this could of course just be the ol' bots crawling over my musings, but perhaps - and stranger things have happened! - just perhaps, its actually real people reading this?

Are you one of these real persons? You all dont say much, but I know your out there I can hear you breathing! Why not pop a comment on? Let me know what your liking about the blog.


mick said...

Hi, i am one of the new blog readers who have followed your clansman
posts but not comentated (the silent ones) my name is mick and i live
in barnsley (not been mortered yet) i own 2 prc 320 ,1 351 with 352 amp
3 x349 , 1x 5.4 meter mast and . i am not a radio amatur the prc 320
works very well on outher bands if you get my drift ,the mid week net
on 27255 mhz usb (cb cept mid block) and worked stations in france,
germany, italy,corsica,belgium. i like your description of the clansman
sellers ,echos my experiences exactley, mark in rotherham is great,
when i went through coffee radio chat and lift back to bus station,
with 352 amp and loads of stuff bought on spec, tottaly agree about
the moody git from wakefield. keep up with the blog ,i am now an avid
reader. if you are out and about with the 352 i will put the mast up
with theGS elevation kit and listen for you,
best regards

Sebastian D said...

Hi, im also one of your readers about your clansman collection. My knowledge and interest in the radio hobby is quite low, but im a military enthusiast and doing some british army of the 80s reenactment within my airsoft hobby.
Therefore i have bought an PRC-351 as display backpack where i hide my external HPA tanks. (Must be a bit cruel for someone like you if i completely emptied a raido, but i bought it as broken and just want to believe it was beyond repair ;) )Now i also want to hide my Wouxun Handheld radio inside it so its all looks as authentic as possible while still using modern equipment to stay in touch with my fellow players in the field.
At the moment i'm thinking about how i could solder a kenwood headset cable into the inside of the 7-pin clansman connector, to use the H-39 handset or the other headsets of the series with a modern VHF/UHF radio. But its nearly a big mystery for my bad electronics knowledge. perhaps you want to help me out with this project?
I already draw the wiring of the H-39 headset with its 2 internal ptt microswitches, if it would be some kind of help.
Greetings from Berlin, Germany