Thursday, 14 July 2016

CHOTA this year?

Ive just compiled and sent an email to the office at Selby Abbey, to ask if they would consider hosting me for this years Churches On The Air day, on the 10th of September.  Two years ago, myself an Mike operated GB0SML from St. Mary's, Lead, near Saxton (commonly known just as Lead Church), which was a logistical nightmare due to its remoteness from any utilities (not even a cell signal!) and also a Scheduled Ancient Monument! Selby Abbey on the other hand, is fully geared up for visitors, has electrical power, water, sanitation and heating, plenty of space to operate, grounds and possibly its tower for antennas, and an endless source of refreshment from its tea room! It would be the ideal station, and a very prestigious one!

Ive also received the SG8002CA-PTB oscillator that will form the heart of the LSB conversion module for my 'test-bed' PRC-320. This is a tiny surface mounting rectangle of technology! ITs packed safely away until im ready to build!

The 2nd Chinese Pixie kit also came today. I plan on building that in a custom aluminium sheet 'cube' with a PP3 battery box below, and a built in Morse key!

But before any of that - ive to clean the workshop! Julie has threatened to tidy up for me if I dont do it, and that would almost certainly mean losing some critical component! Besides, ive to clear space for several hundred PRC-349 batteries!

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