Sunday, 10 April 2016

Not the 4u7 caps!

Well im buggered! Changed both the 4.7uF electrolytics in the Clansman PSU module - and the damn thing still takes ages to come to 110v!

Im starting to get a bit miffed by this! I think my next step will be to swap it over with the rebuilt one from my 'good' set, and see if the fault moves with it!

I really need to crack on with the VFO external controller, so even if I cant fathom this fault out, I will look at adding and testing the data contention control diodes into the lines from the decade switches to the synthesiser. This will allow me to test to see how well the logic copes with only 2.3v or so on it. I suspect I will have to modify the 3v supply to the switches to have a bit more poke. This will be an add-on 3.6v regulator feeding just that line, as I cant simply adjust the main 3v line without risking the other logic components.

This actually makes sense though, as it will simplify the control switching needed to isolate the decade switches when in remote control mode.

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