Friday, 1 April 2016

Baofeng BF-888S UHF Handies on order

Earlier today, with the sun shining outside, I turfed my eldest lad and his mate off the X-Box and out to the local woods, to make best use of the good weather instead of staying indoors.

Sam asked me if they could borrow a couple of walkie-talkies. Im ashamed to say that they couldnt! Ive dozens of radios, handheld and mobile, of ex-PMR service - not an inter-workable pair between them!

So I decided i'd look and see what I could get that I could have programmed up for such instances. Well, I was aware of the low cost Baofeng BF-888S radios, and thought i'd see what the crack was with them,

I found a pair for a fraction over £16! A further £1.30 for the programming lead and software. This is just throwaway pricing! Assuming they actually arrive in working condition from China, these will do for the boys playing out.

Ive also ordered the rest of the 2.54mm plugs and sockets to complete my ability to make a decent job of connecting up to PCBs, and made an offer on a suitable crimping tool. I fully expect the offer to be rejected!

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