Friday, 27 November 2015

Balance Cable Challenge

A few of the items I need to rebuild the 4Ahr Clansman battery have arrived, and the crucial item, the Balancing Cable, is likely to pose a bit of a challenge!

The Zippy Compact 7s LiPo battery pack has two balancing connectors. The balancing cable adaptor supplied also has these two connectors, but one of them is missing a connection. Exactly what this signifies I have yet to discover. Is the missing wire a duplicate that is made up for on the other connector?

It seems that the manufacturer has no website, and theres no wiring info available for the battery!

Once ive worked it out, I will post the wiring details on the blog.

Im still waiting on the low voltage alarm and the temperature sensors. But I can now at least work on the main wiring of the pack, and how to safely mount the battery in the case, im considering perhaps fire resistant foam for this. The final thing to work out will be the fixings for the case lid!

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