Sunday, 29 November 2015

5+4 Balance Plugs - Zippy Compact 7S 4000mAhr

I did say that once i'd worked the correct wiring details out I would post them here, so here they are

Yes, they are on a post-it note, but its easier to post a pic of that than to create a new diagram and risk an error. The wire colour code on the 4- and 5- way plugs are 'as is' on my battery. Note that the red wire on the 4-way is parallel with the black wire on the 5-way (i.e. both are from the 11.5v 3rd cell.) and the 7S balance adapter lead supplied by Hobbyking has no connection to the 4-way red wire, using instead the 5-way black wire for the 3rd cell. Note as well that all but the 0v connection on the adapter cable use red wires.

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