Tuesday, 1 September 2015

More playing with PICs

In my effort to convince Sam that the future is Smart Machine to Machine embedded processing, and turn his interest towards learning to code for such, ive first introduced him to the Raspberry Pi model B+, which he is using with Scratch to design simple games, and also to the Arizona Microchip Peripheral Interface Controllers (PICs)

Now, im no programmer, I gave up when computers went to 16 bit address lines! So mostly I find code on the 'net for the PIC applications I require. I will freely admit here that much of this comes from Andy Talbot G4JNT who I wish to formally thank within the pages of this blog! It is his AD9850 controller code that im currently building into a working VFO unit.

Ive also bought one of the little GPS modules above. Ive already powered it and tested the 1PPS output, which works just fine. Next, I will again delve into Andy's webpage and use his NMEA display code to read the position information from it.

I was planning today on purchasing a Clansman PRC-320, advertised as a full CES kit for the amazingly low price of £145. It seems that the seller of these, despite claiming to have many, didnt know what the going rate for them was, and on the apparent 'advice' of 'a military surplus dealer' pulled the sale when I was no more than 15miles from him! A complete waste of my time. I am rather annoyed at this, I dont for a moment believe that the seller didnt know what they sell for!

The unit I have sadly has to go back to its owner shortly, I just need to arrange that. I'll be sad to see it go, ive sort of grown attached to it!

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