Thursday, 24 September 2015

A bit more done on the Airband kit

I had a few moments spare last night to progress building the Chinese airband receiver. The ceramic capacitors, ceramic filter, and inductors are now fitted.

(just realised that photo is before I fitted the IF can!)

I'll add the electrolytics, connectors and controls tonight, and if ive time might get onto the semiconductors. At this rate, I might have it operational for saturday morning, which is the day of the inaugural East Leeds Airshow. Despite being only a few miles up the road at RAF Church Fenton, I shant be attending this time, the number of ground exhibits, aerial displays and stalls doesnt to me justify the £50 family ticket price tag!

The only aircraft I really want to see that will be displaying is Vulcan XH558 - and I should be able to easily see her from my own garden!

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