Saturday, 31 January 2015

Now Active on 5MHz

Ive been meaning to get a 5MHz NoV (Notice of Variation) for some time, but as usual never quite got around to it. This afternoon, for some reason, I thought i'd quite like to try 60m WSPR, so, knowing there have been changes to the 5MHz rules but unsure if the NoV had been relaxed or not, I searched for info online, and came upon the RSGB's online NoV application form.

Not thinking too hard about it, I filled in the form and clicked submit, expecting now a long wait for a letter from Ofcom, but no! An NoV arrived mere seconds later by email!

Within minutes, i'd retuned the DX-70 to 5MHz, adjusted the software settings, and was seeing my first WSPR spots on 60m!

A few more adjustments, and a bit of trial and error with the ATU, and im now running 2W at a 10% Tx cycle, and having my signal spotted as far out as Scotland and the Netherlands. So far, the DX-70 seems happy with the little excursion from its normal band ranges.

My next task is to look for a suitable box to build the 40m Sudden into! I have a small case from a defunct DVB-T Set Top Box, which might well make a nice case. I will check this out at the same time as sticking a rivet into the handle of my snow shovel!

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