Friday, 30 January 2015

New Toy Arrival

A few parcels have arrived in the past couple of days from the Far East. These include the Bluetooth A2DP receiver, and the K150 PIC programmer.

After looking more deeply into the various protocols used by the different types of Bluetooth equipment, im not sure that pairing this to a hands free microphone will actually be possible, however, I will try it out and see what gives. There may be a way to hack the beast. I suspect that the internals are a universal Bluetooth module, designed to be used for many and varied purposes, and it might just be a case of finding how to make it shift profiles.

All of which is currently academic - as I cant find the bloomin' hands free headset!

The K150 PIC programmer should now allow me, once I get suitable software installed, to start on the DDS VFO. As yet, the DDS module hasnt arrived, but, I should be able to get the controller and its LCD module working.

I do have a lot of part complete projects, that I really should get around to finishing off! These include -

40m Sudden receiver - needs boxing up
80m ARDF Beacon - needs battery pack, and possibly moving to a non metallic box
10m WSPR 'Wispy' transceiver - well, needs plenty of work!
4m - 10m Transverter - Needs final Tx stage, switching etc. Also, needs a 4m beam antenna!
Voice Keyer - needs a box

Many of these I could probably get finished if I just put myself to it one day!

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