Friday, 4 July 2014

New blog for CHOTA

I have decided, since theres a lot of information and a lot of tests involved, that this blog was getting a bit cluttered with posts about the St Marys CHOTA station, and so ive started a new blog just for CHOTA

On there you will find the info and pictures of the various antennas, masts etc, and of the church itself, as pertains specifically to the GB0SML station.

On here though, there might still be some stuff related to Lead church! This is because, the landowner, Simon, has been nice enough to allow me to use his field for the Backpackers contests! Of course the same ban on ground penetration still applies! So, im now considering how best to get my little 3 element 2m beam in the air from the church! I would normally use a 5.4m Clansman mast, but these need guying! Time to see if the 10m fibreglass mast can take it! It will be nice to get the FT-290 back out portable!

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