Thursday, 17 July 2014

1st Sandtoft Rally - This Sunday

This Sunday sees Finningley ARS hold the 1st Sandtoft Rally. This is on the grounds of the old Sandtoft airfield, near Doncaster. See their website for more details Finningley Rally

I shall be there, along with a considerable quantity of junk to sell. Please come along and buy some of my junk! It will be mostly RF circuit boards, mainly UHF, with some very nice RF parts on; but also cable, various loose bits, some odd bits of untested equipment etc. All proceeds towards the CHOTA station's expenses.

Come along and support us and the rally! I believe rally entry also gets you free entry into the Trollybus museum!

In the meantime, the WiFi repeater progresses. The 5v regulator board is now fitted.  A power on test with the unit connected by LAN cable to my laptop showed the board to be working, at least as far as logging in and configuring, and able to see some local WAN networks. Oddly it didn't seem to see my own network, but then in the workshop neither can my phone! Even with the yagi's, there probably isn't sufficient signal penetrating into the workshop to pick up.

The regulator board looks very home-made, but this is in order to get the decoupling capacitors as close to the 7805 regulator as possible.

It turns out that the antenna port at the lower left of the photo is the 'source' network antenna, which means it is the antenna port on the right of the unit when viewed from the front. This is ideal, as in my mind the source signal should be on the right, and the destination signal, or new network coverage, to the left.

Still to do, is the U-clamp plate for the lid of the case, and an actual 'air' test - I have to prove that not only will this pick up and connect to a network, but it will also generate a new, relayed network.

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