Thursday, 10 May 2007

Shack Movin'

At present, the shack is one half of the spare bedroom. It is also a computer room, and an office. This is not ideal, and if we decide to have another child, then it will become a nursury, and i would be forced to vacate.

So, thinking ahead, ive decided to relocate the shack to the downstairs backroom. When i think about it, this makes perfect sense -

It shortens all the feeder runs considerably (except for the cable to the WX sat crossed dipoles);
It drastically shortens the ground connection;
It puts me, when operating at night, diametrically as far from the missus as possible, so i wont disturb her sleep;
It means that i can use the radios and still be near my family in the front room;
It also means i can customise the shack furniture

It involves some quite serious woodwork, and rearranging the room, but i can make it neat and tidy.

On more directly radio related notes, Ive got a G5RV on order, which should be more effective than the random wire, and a logbook is on its way. Ive also secured an exchange of FT-290s, giving me a unit with a MuTek front end (and working backlight!). This and the 30W linear are going to be mounted on a wooden carrier, so i can rapidly move them for mobile or portable use, as well as base. Im also in the process of ordering the aluminium stock to build a 3 elelment 50MHz yagi.

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