Sunday, 27 May 2007


ok, were in business!

after a couple of hours of sheer terror up Micks rickety ladders, and 20mins or so explaining to my little boy what i was doing whilst wedged in a tree, the G5RV is up. Ive had to use the coax that was feeding 2m, so im now QRT on 2. But the MFJ tuner and the Alinco DX-70TH, G5RV combo is working fine, already getting me several special events and IOTAs in the log. Im still calibrating the G5RVs tuner settings, and this ive only completed on 80m, 40m and 20m, so these are the bands im active on. Conditions on 80m are abysmal, the QRN is very strong, so 20m is prefered.

It doesnt help, whilst trying to work a special call (in this case GB100TT) to have more than the usual number of lids who insist on tuning up on the frequency (like a 3kHz QSY is really going to affect the SWR!) or those who insist on calling the station even though they are already in QSO. Its not difficult to tell when a station is in QSO or when ready for a call, if the last thing from them wasnt QRZ or CQ, then DONT call!!! Its just pure ignorance, and spoils it for those without 3el triband beams on 100ft towers and who cant run a 1kW amp. I at least can command 100W, but i do feel sorry for QRPers trying to work against such ungentlemanly conduct.

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