Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mobile Project Construction

Yesterday, I happened to know I would be sat waiting in the car for an hour, so I decided to take along something to do, other than my Kindle or trawling Facebook,

So I took along a handful of tools, a roll of solder, and a gas powered soldering iron, plus my 2nd Chinese Pixie-2 kit

In order not to set fire to the car, I took a wooden board to work on, with a few screws in to act as a stand for the iron!

The sockets, sounder and crystal socket I had already soldered in previously, so it was just all the small fiddly parts to do in the cramped confines of the drivers seat of a Ford Fiesta!

After a brief 25min soldering session, all but two components were installed. These two turned out to have been supplied the wrong values!

I quite enjoyed doing this, so plan to improve my little 'worktop' by putting a raised edge on it to keep parts from rolling off, and using the router to cut some shallow grooves to put loose components into.

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