Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Testing U3S now on 30m

Another LPF finished and installed on my Ultimate 3S beacon. This one is in the position 5 slot, so maintaining the increasing frequency order (40m in slot 0 on the main board, 30m in 5, 20m in 4, and so far 10m in slot 1)

So far its been received nicely across Western and Northern Europe, and into the central region, but also across the pond into Florida. Not bad for a touch under 23dBm into the antenna system, and that not perfectly matched.

The only gripe I have is that there is no clear space on the componant side of the LPFs to mark which band they are tuned for. I have written the band on the underside of the PCBs, but thats not visible when they are plugged in. I might mention this to Hans on the group, but I dont know how he could adjust the design to provide a write space, as the boards are very compact. Perhaps a few mm extra board on one end and a white silkscreen?

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