Thursday, 15 October 2015


I would like to thank these people publicly for their help with my refurbishment of the Pye PF8

Firstly, Alan C, from the Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration forum, who supplied me with the radios to start with!
Then theres Dave Hicks G8EPR, of the Pye radio museum, who sent me the initial scans of the service information, and Dylan85, also off the vintage radio forum, who is sending me a copy of Chris Loreks 'Surplus 2-way radio conversion manual'.
And finally, special thanks to Roger Lapthorn G3XBM, who has supplied me with a PDF of the complete comprehensive Service Manual, and without who the PF8 itself would never have been created.

And of course, several others for advice, encouragement, general derision and routine piss taking - you know who you are!

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