Thursday, 6 August 2015

Crazy Idea? 144MHz Dismantlable/Transportable 4x Long Boom EME Array?

A strange thought occurred to me yesterday - with suitable thickness PVC tube, and 25mm/1inch dia. tape measures, plus various pipe fixings, it should be possible to build an ultra light weight, portable long boom 2m Yagi.

That being the case, it is clearly possible to build four of them, all identical. With that done, some more tube and they are on a H frame. A few more pieces and the H frame is mounted on an A frame...

Some cleaver bearings, a long guide handle, and some form of sighting system - and we have a portable EME antenna array!!!

Used with a 100W linear, a suitable masthead preamp, and a laptop running JT-65....

Just a thought

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