Monday, 27 July 2015

TASCOMM HF Activity?

Years ago, I would listen to RAF Flight Watch on 4742kHz, with the regular weather bulletins and airfield colour states, and the many ASCOT callsigns of transport flights. I'd also listen to the USAF, mostly on 11175kHz (Triple One Upper) with SAM & REACH callsigns, and the regular EAMs and SKYKING messages.

I dont listen to these much now, but when I do, it seems that although the USAF is still reasonably active on HF, I rarely hear anything at all from the UK TASCOMM HF system. Whats become of all that HF traffic? Can all those aircraft really have migrated to satcoms? Or am I just not listening for long enough?

Searching the web doesnt reveal anything, most web pages are older than 2007, before the change to the new system. Its like all enthusiast listening was just quietly abandoned in the early 2000s

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