Friday, 17 April 2015

FT-290R-mk1 Battery Compartment repairs

 If im going to use my venerable 'Electic Handbag' for SSB comms during our Lyke Wake Walk, then I need it to be working on its internal batteries.

Unfortunately, the battery holders are corroded. So I need to replace them.

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The terminals of the original battery holders have corroded badly in places, with one of the positive terminals completely falling apart.

The old holders are just held in place on the carrier with a sticky tape. Once removed, the new ones can be fitted

The new ones are very slightly longer, but I dont think it will be a problem, perhaps a bit of filing might be needed. One modification that is needed to them is to reroute the wires so they pass out the holder lower down, in order that they match with the holes in the metal carrier. Luckily there are slots in the holders where I can do this.

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