Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Well Thumbed Nuts

Actually, they're bolts, not nuts! The securing bolts holding the FT-857D to its mobile mount have always made it awkward to remove the rig for other use than mobile, so today they were replaced by nice shiny thumb screws. I'd been meaning to do this for a long time, but the necessity of using the rig for CHOTA pushed me to get the job finished.

On the subject of CHOTA, I have a confirmed joint meeting with the Trust and the landowner on monday. Also, I have the license! Ofcom, having required me to post the form to them, emailed the license back to me! So we are good to go as GB0SML in september.

I now need to get the FT-857D set-up for WSPR and/or PSK. This means yet another interface. The rig uses a 6-pin mini-DIN plug for its DATA port, which also provides fixed level audio out, and an AFSK audio input. There is also a PTT line, but the radio also has a 'Digi-VOX' option, so no PTT line is needed as the radio will sense the Tx audio and go to transmit. I just need the plug and cable, which means finding an old PC mouse to dismantle. Then, using the company Wifi, the rig, mobile installation and laptop, i'll test WSPR out whilst at work.

The hope is, that on the day, WSPR will be running on 10m using the fibreglass mast and 10m J-pole, and connected to the internet via the local pubs wifi!

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