Thursday, 15 May 2014

Camels and needles

Im currently attempting the rather tricky task of threading a flexible, stranded wire up the inside of a 30ft fibreglass tube! But, this tube also tapers, and has a constriction in the middle!

So far ive tried various telescopic fishing rods to shove the wire up, but they are either too short, or eventually too fat to get all the way!

Next thing to try then is a thin line and a small but heavy weight!

The idea is to put an antenna element inside this tube, which happens to be Sams flagpole, which was originally put up to eventually become a vertical antenna anyway!

Part of the problem is the presence of an internal bung, which was at the top. I had thought it to be a seal of epoxy, and tried to crack it out with a chisel. Well, it just fell inside! I cant get anything past it, and without cutting more off the end of the tube I cant get it out

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