Monday, 24 March 2014

Mobile Intermittency

Shortly after obtaining a 40m mobile antenna, it became apparent that there was a problem. Often I would be able to hear nothing on the mobile HF.

It turns out the roof SO239 connector has gone intermittent. I suspect wind loading stresses have fractured the center connection. As I have other vehicle repairs to do tomorrow (yet another blown headlight!) I intend also taking a look at the antenna connection, and seeing if its repairable.

Because of this problem, ive gone much of the winter (what we've had of one!) without a reliable HF mobile, and so made little use of the 40m antenna.

I suspect, that by the time ive fixed the problem, the higher bands will be back in play. One of my tasks will be to build an efficient antenna for the one favorite band I dont have one for - 10m!

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