Saturday, 26 October 2013


These past few weeks have been a big effort to offload junk and obtain useful, desired items. This all started when an LDG RT-11 Remote Auto-ATU appeared on ebay, something ive been after for some time. This duly bought, I needed to recover the cost, and set about selling stuff off. The RT-11 cost was covered by the sale of a surplus DSP module. A cheque from the Lions in payment for costs for the show was gratefully received, which will cover the QSL cards print costs, some station clocks, and the balun to go with the RT-11. Its also paid for the specialist cable from the Alinco DX-70 to the ATUs remote control box.

But, I dont have the remote control box! So, Im in the process of building a copy. As its literally three buttons, two LEDs and some sockets, its not too hard, apart from cutting the holes in the box neatly! The DB9 connector will be the awkward part.

The few parts I needed but didnt have I picked up today at the G-QRP club convention at Rishworth. I took all my heavy junk to try and sell on the bring and buy, and set off really early to get parked as close as possible. Well, I still ended up parked about as far away as it was possible to be, and accepted some assistance carrying the stuff in. In all most of it sold, netting me £45. I'd taken £50 with me, and after all what I bought, which included a pair of the little vice thingies from QRPme (for building PCB material boxes), a club mug, some slide rules, raffle tickets (not winners) and lunch, I came home with £55 in my wallet! Switched to 17m from 20m on way home to get away from the contest, and added a few QSOs to my mobile tally, including Cyprus. Not quite as good as Lebanon the day before. I now have a 40m antenna for the car, but havent perfected the match yet.

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