Saturday, 28 September 2013

Probe Plan

I really should have done this a long time ago, but these past few days working on the 10m beacon have shown just how much I need a diode RF probe. So, construction has started on one, now I have some suitable diodes. To be honest, the idea was in my mind yesterday, which is why I picked up quite a few 1N34s.

What has always stopped me was the difficulty I found in building the actual probe part, but I decided to sacrifice one of an old pair of meter probes. The next trouble is a suitable barrel to house it all in. A felt tip pen in my pen pot turns out to be the ideal dimensions. With the probe cut down, and a small twin strip bit of veroboard soldered on, its now ready for the components to be mounted tomorrow

It turned out that the probe rod went the entire length of the probe body, so when I find the rest (somewhere on the shelf where it landed after cutting off!) theres enough to make a few more!

As I was finding this picture out from where the PC had saved it, I spotted again an old mugshot of yours truly in the act of calmly knackering the UKs telly

I think this is a few years old, the two telemetry screens are TMC and ARQOSS, so its prior to the final DSO. Im only actually knacking up Scotland and Northern Ireland there.

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