Thursday, 27 June 2013

If its not one thing, Its yer mother

The Transverter is coming along, added the antenna changeover relay, ex- of an RC-690, and have started the 10m WSPR transceiver. When I say started, I mean ive soldered the crystal on, then come to a shuddering halt at the realisation ive no damn trimmer capacitors left in the right values. Not even anything I can bodge into the circuit.

So, ive had to order some. Bloody hell! Might as well be ordering a kilo of Columbian Gold! I really must find some junk with lots of trimmers in to strip, because the price of these things is getting extortionate.

So theres nothing more I can do on the WSPR side, until these arrive. I can do a bit more on the transverter though, although not much. Looks like i'll have to instead finish of some long overdue old projects.

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