Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mobile mounts agogo

Ive taken the MB-400 mount off. As it turns out, its not that distorting the boot lid, it seems the boots not a perfect fit anyway! Ive decided permanent through body mounts are the way to go. Im not bothered by drilling the car, lets face it by the time i sell it it will be knackered. So, im building a mount to bolt to the tailgate by the number plate, using a right angle section of steel plate. Below this will be fitted to the car a cable gland, to take the RG-58 into the car. Im priming the mount,a nd when im next near A.S.K i'll get some matching touch-up paint, it will look like it was made for the car, which of course it is!

Tomorrow, if alls well, i'll go through the rigmorole of removing the internal panels and lowering the roof lining, in order to drill the roof and fit a Panorama M8 mount for VHF/UHF.

Theres no rush with any of the mobile install, as i havent received the seperation kit yet. But i might as well get the antenna mounts sorted and run the power cable if i can.

Talking of cable, i managed today to run the spare coax feed (from the broken 2m Slim-jim) up the side of the house and into the loft. I'll mount a BNC patch box somewhere up there, and then can try different antennas on it. The first i think will be a 10m dipole!

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