Monday, 26 November 2007


Typical, isnt it. I have only one scaffold pole, and its 12ft long. I need at least 6ft between the stand off brackets, and theres a 2m 9el tonna and a 6m 3el yagi to go on it. So this pole is nowhere near long enough. I need 20ft at least, and none of the local scaffolders will sell me poles. Like it would hurt their business to sell one or two poles. Ive got everything else i need except a rotator, but then i cant afford one. Ive even got a 100m drum of RG213 coax at the ready.

So, how do i get a pole? of course i could always look further afield, but then how do i get it back here? i dont have a truck! Ive put another request on the freecycle group, but i dont expect to get anywhere. So im stuck, i cant get the yagis up without it, neither can i work on the doublet, which needs it as one end support, or put up a new TV antenna for the missus.

oh where oh where can i get a pole?

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