Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Can my blog save you money?

Quite possibly!

Just recently, I received an email from British Gas, my energy supplier at the time. This email informed me that my gas and electricity bills were not only going to go up by a extortionate amount, but also that they were ending the dual fuel discount as well. The general gist of the email was "pay up or sod off"...

... so I sodded off!

After a lot of research, trawling comparison sites and the like, I narrowed down a number of new suppliers, which were smaller, much cheaper, and it seemed more ethical than British Gas. And out of these, one caught my eye - Bulb.

Bit of a gimmicky name for an electricity supplier! But, the more I read, the more I liked what I was reading. Committed to customer service, committed to renewable energy sources, and online open forum for customers and non-customers alike. So, after looking at my potential savings, I signed up with them.

The link below ive provided for anyone who is considering switching suppliers, to take a look and do your own research into them. Take a look at their reviews online as well.


This was just over a month ago, and ive just submitted my second set of meter readings. All seems to be going very well so far, and any queries ive had have been dealt with by their team via the forums swiftly. So far im happy with them and alls going well. Im on a list for the trial of next generation smart meters as well. The only odd part is that payments are done initially by debit card, but you can call and set up a direct debit (I must remember to do this!), and also, they work on an advance payment system, which means you actually pay up front, and if you overpay either it holds on your account or you can ask for it rebated. This seems very odd at first, but in many ways it does make sense.

So, your thinking, all well and good, but how does that help your readers save money?

Well, its simple - If you sign up to change your supplier to them, using a link that I will provide below, they give you a £50 initial credit! And, whats even better - they give me one as well!

Heres the link -


I would suggest this - If your considering changing your energy supplier - go and research Bulb online, also research other suppliers, and find the one that is right for you. IF, you find that Bulb suits you, then use my link above to get yourself, and me, fifty quid!

Im not going to try to convince you, coerce you, or force you! But, it makes sense to me to take up an offer if your switching anyway, so my referral link is there above for you, should you choose to use it.

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