Saturday, 2 January 2016

Further on with the Surf PI

Its been quite a while since I worked on the Surf PI metal detector. But, this new year my resolution is to get projects completed!

Before I can work on a proper waterproofed coil, the main electronics need boxing up. It turns out the PCB fits nicely into an ABS case I had bought for another project but not used. This leaves a LOT of free space, enough for the 3x Lithium cells and the loudspeaker. It wont be properly waterproof, but should survive splashes ok.

The battery holder has been secured with impact adhesive, actually a spray on type from Screwfix. The two controls will mount on the top panel, and as can be seen the 4-way avionics type connector for the coil cable is on the bottom panel.

The lid of the box will serve to provide a mounting point onto whatever I decide to use for a shaft.

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