Monday, 22 April 2013

Plugs and sockets

One task I have to complete, which at face value should be simple, is to add a connector to my Time Lapse controller for my SLR. Unfortunately, when I first set up the controller system, my camera was a Minolta Dynax 404si, a film 35mm SLR, and it only took a remote release, or a simple timer controller. I now have a Sony SLT, which although it takes all my Minolta accessories, also takes a digital time lapes intervalometer. It is to this I need to add a connector, but sadly, the connectors I used were extremely expensive and rare Lemo miniature multipole locking connectors. I have none of these left spare, and in the very few places in the world I can find them for sale, they cost upwards of £40 each.

So, I have to embark on the process of replacing the connectors across the whole system, with something much cheaper and more readily available. Luckily, there is such a connector system, one which I already make good use of - 3.5mm audio jacks. The camera system uses three connections - focus, release, and ground. So stereo connectors are ideal. I also have a need for a custom lead from my gear lever mounted PTT control to the microphone interface box on my rig in the car, which uses 3.5mm jacks. So, I have a batch of connectors on order to allow me to complete these tasks.

My run of night shifts is now complete, so after a decent sleep and a few bevvies, I can finally get back to work on the various projects that require my attention. I should be well on the way to having a completely overhauled No. 1 mast soon.

As I type this, G4FONs Koch trainer software, is sending me random Morse characters at 12wpm (character speed 20wpm). This time, I really want to crack it. I want to start using CW in anger, and would love to be able to use if on GB2LDS. Which reminds me, I must get the license application sent!

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