Friday, 27 January 2012


Well, the weather has been dire today, far too cold and damp to put either mast up, or to run the coax. So, it has been indoor tasks only.

The VHF vertical doesnt fit on the top of the Clansman mast. I need a spare mast section to cut down to form an adaptor to allow mounting of antennas like this, but short of buying a whole spare mast, it might be hard to come by. Ive put the feelers out.

As for the telescopic mast, the big task was meant to be fathoming out suitable guying. I think a stay point at the 4m and 7m levels is needed, the bottom can still be held by the 1m level bungees, and the antenna wires will attach at the 8m level. Except for verticals, the top two sections are too thin to be of use. Ive a couple of sheets of PVC gluing together to make a thick rigid sheet from which to fabricate guying rings. As the mast tapers, each ring will be unique to its level, and so they will only fit in a set order. The other problem is tensioning the guys. The Dacron line i have, whilst incredibly strong, is very thin, some 2mm if that. £3 in Yeomans, i found a pack of ten 'bent-runners', ie guy line tensioners for tents. These have got big holes in them so i didnt think they would work, but the homemade one i fabricated earlier today the holes were too small, and passing the line through would be awkward. A quick trial with one of these and a length of the Dacron however and the seem to hold fast. I might have cracked that problem!

I have played some radio today, tried for HK0NA but the level of idiocy and QRM was astounding! Did work a SOS radio week station in Torquay though.

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