Saturday, 11 June 2011

QRV 6m

Well, ive not updated this for, ooh, i dunno, ages. Other things have taken the time.

Anyway. I now have the doublet back up, and its working ok. Its not perfect, but its working sufficient to make contacts, including some nicely impressive DX. Yesterday, on 17m, i worked Cuba with just 10w, for example.

The 3 element yagi for 6m is up, albeit on the 'test' mast, at about 15ft. 6m is very good at the moment, plenty of sporadic E to work.

The one thing that has struck me about working SSB on 6m, is the business-like operating. No messing about, reports and locators, and then clear, but at the same time not overly rushed. Very pleasurable short QSO's.

Im still considering the best way of securing the main mast to the side of the house, im not at all happy with expansion bolts into engineering brick, i just dont think they will hold well enough if they penetrate one of the voids. Im wondering about using a steel backplate and M10 threaded rod right through the wall for the top bracket, which will take the worst of the wind loading. The pole i have is steel, so its heavy. Maybe i should bite the bullet and get an aluminium pole ordered!

Julie is not particularly keen on the 6m yagi, so would be even less happy with the 9 element 2m Tonna. But if they were up at 30ft, perspective means they look smaller. They will also perform better!

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